Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye West Agree: Money is Awesome

kanye-west-jimmy-kimmel-400x300HOLLYWOOD, CA They may now be engaged in an epic rap battle that could end in violence, but hip-hop superstar Kanye West and his recently acquired late-night personality arch-enemy Jimmy Kimmel do agree on one fundamental thing: being rich is freaking awesome.

“Kanye and I don’t see eye to eye on just about anything, but I’ll tell you this– man, do we love being balls deep in cash money,” said a laughing Jimmy Kimmel, his arm over Kanye’s shoulder as the two of them smoked Cuban cigars while lounging on the pool deck outside of a rented Malibu mansion staffed by incredibly beautiful, morally casual young women.

“My man Jimmy here might be an ignorant white clown, but I gotta say– being rich really suits us both,” Mr. West further explained, as a staff of impeccably dressed footmen brought out a five-course snack prepared by a team of personal chefs.

“Yeah, it’s great,” continued the world’s biggest musical star between bites of Beluga caviar.

Mr. Kimmel and Mr. West, although feuding openly on Twitter, further concurred that fancy cars, lavish vacations to the world’s most exotic destinations, and being able to pretty much do whatever they want whenever they want are also “pretty cool.”

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