ISIS: Donald Trump Now Our Most Effective Recruiter – In a rare public address, self-appointed ISIS caliph?Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi today declared that Republican primary front-runner billionaire Donald Trump, his increasingly totalitarian positions on Islamic tolerance, and his tens of millions of rabid American supporters have inadvertently become ISIS’s most potent source of new devotees.

“As Muslim youth across the Middle East and Europe awaken to the reality that the West, as embodied by Mr. Trump, does not want?them, we have enjoyed an influx of impressionable young men and women eager to die for our cause that we haven’t seen since the last Crusade,” explained the internationally wanted terrorist leader.

“Allah be praised!” added the caliph.

Yesterday Donald Trump, who leads the Republican field as the nomination day grows closer, released a written statement in which he called for an immediate and open-ended national ban on immigration by persons of the Muslim faith.

Today Trump?defended his position, citing the precedent set during World War II when the United States unlawfully and unnecessarily imprisoned tens of thousands of Japanese-Americans in internment camps.

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