Galactic Senate To Investigate Female Jedi?Uniforms

Jedi_Master_by_CaptVovanCORUSCANT In a landmark announcement today the Galactic Senate announced that it would launch an unprecedented inquiry into the wardrobe requirements for female members of the Jedi Order.

“They’re supposed to be zen-like ascetics who forswear material possessions and personal attachments, but for some reason they’re all dressed up like Mos Eisley whores,” said Naboo Senator Padme Amidala, chair of the gender equality committee.

The investigation follows on a series of recent scandals in which female Jedi have increasingly been the victims of voyeuristic amateur photographers who have published their work on pornographic websites.

“An online image search for Ahsoka Tano or Aayla Secura yields results that are, shall we say, not safe for work,” Senator Amidala further opined. “What kind of example are these professionals setting?”

Aside from dress code, the senate inquiry will also seek to ascertain why there appear to be no female Jedi over the age of 24.

The Jedi Council refused to comment, citing the need to consult with The Force.

At press time, notorious gangster Jabba the Hutt has volunteered to receive all female Jedi uniforms deemed too revealing for further service.

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