Taliban Loses At Emmys Again Despite ‘Breaking Bad’ Appearance

imagesHOLLYWOOD, CA ?Watching from a secure bunker somewhere in northern Africa, Taliban officials were reportedly besides themselves with grief after once again failing to take home a single award.

“After we were referenced in several episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’ we thought for sure this would be our year,” explained senior public relations official Mohammed al-Nassid via untraceable satellite phone. “But once again we see how the American infidel and his Western-centric, Judeo-Christian worldview denies true artists their just rewards.”

Al-Quaeda officials had put a huge PR push on their Emmy campaign this year, going so far as to stage a major attack at a Kenyan mall in the very days leading up to the annual awards ceremony, garnering front-page headlines around the world.

“All this planning, all this activity, all the lives lost, and for what?” asked al-Nassid. “What’s it going to take?”

Middle East news outlet Al Jazeera claims this is the worst Emmys snub the Taliban have endured since 2001, when they went home empty-handed despite having completely dominated nearly every minute of television for a period of several months.

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