Sydney Leathers Crashes Carlos Danger Party on 9/11

imagesNEW YORK, NY Popular sexting partner, tattoo enthusiast, and all-around social degenerate Sydney Leathers today crashed the concession reception of defeated New York City Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner, who appeared poised to earn the Democratic Party’s nomination before being caught doing the same exact thing that caused him to lose his seat as a United States Congressman.

“What the [expletive] is she doing here?” demanded an incredulous Anthony Weiner as his wife, Huma, attempted to get as far away from him as fast as huma-nly possible.

“Hey party people!” exclaimed Miss Leathers, either too stupid to realize how inappropriate her behavior was, or under the direct control of a brilliant if ethically bankrupt PR team. “Let’s get some stank up in this hizzy!”

At press time, camera crews from E! and the Hollywood Reporter were engaging in a fist-fight, the winner of which will get to interview Ms. Leathers first.

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