Liam Hemsworth, Scott Eastwood Have Nothing To Do Whatsoever With iOS7

ios-7-logoATLANTA, GA ?Overwhelmed media specialists around the country are scrambling to fervently deny rumors that Miley Cyrus’s ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and heartthrob Scott Eastwood are somehow intimately involved with the release of the powerful new iOS7.

“It’s as if somebody went on Google Trends, saw that these three things were all making headlines on the same day, and decided it couldn’t be a coincidence,” explained a stressed out public relations associate for Apple, which today unveiled its newest mobile platform operating system.

“This is a great example of why it’s important to time product releases carefully,” said Professor Gunther Axelrod from his post as Director of the Max Planck Institute For Social Sciences. “Otherwise, your branding message could get lost in an avalanche of completely unrelated bullshit.”

At press time there was no word yet from Apple on how it planned to distance itself from Mr. Hemsworth and Mr. Eastwood.

Neither celebrity could be reached for comment.

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