Justin Bieber Arrest Scrambles Nation’s Bloggers

There’s only so much Google Juice to go around.

Arrested-for-stealing-our-hearts-justin-bieber-15847365-495-327HOLLYWOOD, CA The arrest of nineteen year old pop sensation Justin Bieber for suspicion of drag racing and driving while intoxicated has mobilized the nation’s bloggers into a mad dash to publish sensational headlines in an attempt to drive traffic to their websites, according to multiple sources.

Major news outlets are not immune to the frenzy, as headlines about Bieber secured front-page, top-of-fold coverage on CNN, NBC and Fox News.

Even now, web writers are frantically trying to spin the details of the incident, such as the failed sobriety test, the Lamborghini Bieber was driving, and even the Miami Beach location, in such a way as to maximize their google ranking and increase the click-throughs on their sites’ ads.

At press time, anxious producers were directing their interns to keep a close eye on competitor websites and report any new information.

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